This course is offered every fall semester, and the content rotates between contemporary video and installation practices, and alternative darkroom techniques. The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, and encourages experimentation, alternative presentation methods, and incorporation of multi media including sound, sculpture, and textiles. 

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Alternative Photographic Processes // Fall 2022

This course introduces early photographic alternative processes in relationship to contemporary image based and light sensitive practices. Expanding traditional conventions of photography, students will apply techniques established through chemical mastery of early 19th century photographic processes to contemporary modes of use including drawing, appropriation, and image-based source material.  Techniques include cyanotype, van dyke brown, and gum dichromate.

Annie Klein, graduate student (printmaking), 3 color gum print over cyanotype, 2022

Annie Klein, graduate student (printmaking) 3 color gum print over cyanotype, 2022

Jenelle Young, graduate student (cinema arts), 16mm film with cyanotype emulsion manipulation

Patrick Kepler, graduate student (graphic design) 1 layer gum print using dirt from Estherville, 2022

Jenelle Stafford, graduate student (cinema arts) 3 color gum dichromate print, 2022

Kyle Agnew, graduate student (photography), three color gum dichromate with foiling, 2022

Charlie Pott, graduate student (photography), coffee toned cyanotypes, 2022

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The Moving Image: Contemporary Video // Fall 2021

This course introduces approaches to digital time-based media, its relationship to lens-based still imagery, and trends in contemporary video installation practices. Through assignments, students will be encouraged to experiment with non-narrative and documentary approaches to cinema as well as experimental presentation and display. Instruction will involve learning techniques for video and audio capture with DSLR cameras, development of best lighting strategies, introduction to video editing applications, discussion of artists utilizing mixed media and cinematic theoretical concerns.

Katie Kiesewetter, 2021, three channel video with wall text


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