The Graduate Photo Workshop encourages students from all programs to participate in a conversation-driven environment designed to share new and innovative works of art. The boundaries of traditional photographic practice have been expanded to include books arts, VR, video, performance, and installation work. The emphasis of this workshop will be centered around the development and support of works of art, critical analysis of assigned readings, and examination of artists employing imagery as the primary emphasis of their practice. The photography program annually brings in visiting artists and scholars to participate in the graduate workshop in the form of one-on-one studio visits.

Group collaboration on cyanotype mural (2020)

University of Iowa graduate students and alumni at SPE Houston, 2020.

University of Iowa graduates at University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Part of an ongoing graduate exchange to broaden graduate relationships and develop professional practice skills.

JD Whitman's multi-media installation as part of her MFA Thesis exhibition (MFA 2019). Thesis projects are mentored and receive support through the workshop course. 

Iowa Idea Visiting Assistant Professor Stephanie Dowda DeMer leads a cliche verre workshop.

Graphic Design graduate student Patrick Kepler's multi media installation for the graduate photography workshop. Cyanotype on fabric and wood, 2020

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